Empowering the Renewable Future

We're at the forefront of G99/1-9 and G100/1-2 witness testing, armed with a team of over 30 skilled engineers distributed across the UK and Northern Ireland.

The Renewable Industry Needs Test Engineers

We are training them, so much so that we have now more than 30 test engineers who are ready to carry out DNO Witness tests covering the whole of the UK and Northern Ireland.

This puts us in a strong situation to not only supply test engineers, but at a very competitive rate, this is possible because we have trained engineers based all over the UK and Northern Ireland.

And with the massive growth in projects that will be coming along in the next few Years we are expecting to train even more test engineers in 2024.

This along with the changes in the Engineering Recommendations within G59/3-4 and from that the G99/1-9 and G100/1-3 ENA Recommendations there is going to be a massive requirement for DNO Test Engineers in the coming Years.

One of the requirements from the ENA is that all test engineers are fully conversant with the relay they are either refitting or re-setting, so with this in mind we have changed our training course to incorporate the required relay training, so when our test engineers have finished our training courses, they have these required skills.

So, we are running our Test Engineer Training Courses at the rate of one per Month for the next 6 Months, but if you are interested in developing a new income stream, please be mindful, that we only take 3 clients on each course so pre booking is very important.

DNO Witness Test

You can see on this photo the amount of equipment we have to bring to site, when we are asked to do a G99 / G100 (ELP) Export Limitation Panel dno witness test, this site was in the centre of London, and is for a company that needed to use 94 Kwp but the DNO would only allow 60 Kwp, this equipment which we also supplied allowed this connection to take place.

So don’t let the lack of connectivity stop your clients from getting the connection they require, we will supply a bespoke panel at a competitive rate which will keep your client happy. And they will think you are you best thing since sliced bread.

And we will test anywhere in the UK and Ireland.

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